Vue.js components for consistent navigation and branding across Creative Commons web properties


Development: This project is currently in development.


This project is built using vue-sfc-rollup which is is a CLI templating utility that scaffolds a minimal setup for compiling a Vue library – into a form ready to share via npm or via CDN.

The folder structure is as follows:

  • build/ : This has the rollup config for compiling files.
  • dev/: Use for serving the components for local testing during development.
  • src: This directory contains a sub-directory:
    • components: This is where our components code is found. For this project, we have three components:
      • cc-explore.vue: The component for the Explore CC banner.
      • cc-global-header.vue: The component for the Global Navigation Menus
      • cc-global-footer.vue: The component for the Global CC footer.
      • index.js: Where our components are exported. Any new component must be registered in this file.





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