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Elastic Gantt Chart with vue.js

Gantt-elastic is a vue component but it could be used in other frameworks or even with jQuery (vue is kind of elastic and lightweight framework).
15 November 2018

sChart.js:A simple HTML5 charts

sChart.js sChart.js:Small & simple HTML5 charts.Vue-schart is a widget that encapsulates the sChart.js chart library using vue.js. Support vue.js 1.x & 2.x. there are
17 July 2017

Base on Vue2.0 wrapper for ChartJs

vue-charts Base on Vue2.0 wrapper for ChartJs -Vue js -Chart js -Work well with Laravel live demo Render a Chart Easily -Single Line -Multiple Bar -Multiple Mix Chart
05 March 2017

Leitner Bar Chart with Vue

Leitner Bar Chart with Vue Examples learning Leitner Bar Chart with Vue.js! codepen See the Pen Leitner Bar Chart with Vue.js by Fabrice (@fabd) on CodePen.
28 February 2017

echarts with vue2.0

DataVisualization by vue2.0 with echarts3.3.2 The data will be displayed in the form of charts will greatly enhance the readability and reading efficiency This example contains histograms, line graphs, scatterplots,
27 February 2017

Vue Bulma : Lightweight MVVM Admin UI framework

Vue Bulma Lightweight, high-performance MVVM Admin UI framework Charts Collaopse Modal NavMenu Pagination ProgressBar Rating Timeline Toast live demo GitHub
21 November 2016